Roll of past Scarborough Castle 1188 Chairmen

Frank Smith1976-77
Ken Ball1977-78
Neal (Harry) Arundale1978-79
Jeff Black1979-80
Ken Eley1980-81
Terry Skelton1981-82
Colin Woodhead1982-83
Alan Keith1983-84
Simon Green1984-85
Malcolm Smith1985-86
Richard Clark1986-87
Nick Bentley1987-88
George Hurd1988-89
Phil Rigg1989-90
David Leathard1990-91
Roy Hendry1991-92
Brian Pidd1992-93
Iain Johnstone1993-94
Mike Streets1994-95
David Gratton1995-96
Edward Asquith1996-97
Steve Hurrell1997-98
Andy Tolley1998-99
David Stephenson1999-2000
Mike Singleton2000-01

With many thanks to Malcolm Smith for providing the source information for the years to 2001.

If you have information available to bring this list up to date to the time that Scarborough Castle 1188 merged with Scarborough 88, please get in touch.

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