Secretary’s Report September 2012

Greetings gentlemen.

Well it’s that time of year again when we re-start 41 Club again with our meeting in September. Mind you as some of you seem to switch off during the summer. Re-starting has always proved a little difficult, as the traditional poor turnout for the September meeting demonstrates.

As for any member changes, I have received Chris Gray’s resignation, to which I have responded accordingly on behalf of the club.

So hopefully this new way of distributing the monthly newsletter will not only save the club money but also give Alison here at Care Micro a well earned rest.

Mike Shingler

Outgoing Secretary

(does this mean he has a warm and vibrant personality? – WebEd)

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  1. Mike Shingler says

    No, Outgoing means “he is going!!”
    Accepting the fact that I do have a warm and vibrant personality.