September 2019 Meeting Report: Tapas Night

We were honoured to have the National President, Andrew Mackereth, and our National Area Councillor, Wyn Parry, at our September meeting, both being hosted at my house.

Several members met at the Merchant pub on Eastborough from 6.30pm and we then moved on at about 7.30pm to the Tapas Bar on Blands Cliff.

The owners, Steve and Elaine, made us all feel very welcome and provided a wonderful evening of food and wine. I would highly recommend the venue so, if you were not with us last night, then give it a try.

Grateful thanks to Tom Cathcart and John White for planning and organising the night. I understand they had been to the restaurant three times before to make sure all would be well on the night.

Wyn Parry explained his role as a National Councillor and that with 45 clubs in his area, he intends to visit each at least once in a year. Sounds like he will be a busy chap.

Andrew spoke about his role and gave us some information on the links with Round Table and the other sister organisations.

After leaving the Tapas Bar several members then returned to the Merchant pub for a night cap or two.

What a wonderful night we all had.

See you all in October.

Stephen Slade

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