September 2021 Meeting Report: Tapas Evening

The Chairman quickly gets back into the swing of things

After almost two years since our last 41 Club we returned to the La Roca restaurant on Blands Cliff to repeat the excellent evening we last enjoyed as our first meeting back after Lockdown.

The evening was enjoyed by all attending although there was a disappointing number of non-apologies the upside on low numbers being generous amounts of food and wine for those who turned up ! Hopefully now we are up and running again with regular meetings 41 Clubbers will now get back into the swing of submitting their apologies.

There were three guests in attendance at the Tapas meeting namely Andrew Hayes Ben Kitto and John Price.

There was a toast to the memory of sadly missed Tom Cathcart who passed away recently and will be greatly missed. The restaurant owner kindly contributed a bottle of Whiskey for the purpose and out of respect to Tom.

Unfortunately national councillor Wynn Parry who was due to attend the meeting was unwell and unable to join us, there was talk of Shingler stepping in with a talk on his motor home but this idea developed a puncture and deflated for better or worse !

Ben Kitto gave members an update on Round Table, membership numbers are a challenge at the moment but hopefully now that we have come out of Lockdown membership will perk up.

Brian Heaps present at the meeting mentioned that 2021 marked 50 years that he has been attending 41 Club for which Brian was congratulated.

Nigel tells of his 7 Spades Slam whilst Darren looks on fascinatedly

Meeting report and photos kindly contributed by Stuart Baines.

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