Tuscany Too meeting report 12 February 2015

The evening spent at Tuscany Too began with Jim Hughes instructing me not to mention England’s rampant victory over Wales the previous weekend. So I won’t.

After several members had contacted their banks to take out a loan to buy a round of drinks, Chairman Dave welcomed everyone to the meeting, and Tom Cathcart delivered a nearly word perfect Table grace.

The Italian three course meal, with a choice at each course, was well received by members who commented on the quality of the food. Conversation was rich and diverse. Mike Shingler shared his views on the human digestive system after the age of forty, although Simon Lockley considered his musings pasta joke.

It was an excellent evening for committee members’ reports – there were none. This allowed Chairman Dave to proceed to introduce the guest speaker, Jim Dillon, Chief Executive of Scarborough Borough Council. There is a possibility that some of his introduction may have been fabricated.

Following a self-deprecating reflection on his colourful but incomprehensible accent, Jim updated us on several current local hot topics. The planned water park slides will rival those in Dubai, the outdoor swimming pool will be heated 37 degrees centigrade, the Futurist theatre will be replaced by a glorified escalator, the Weaponness sports village will bring the town’s football club back to Scarborough, and the area will include the development of a technical to college and university campus. Many of the plans and proposals sound exciting. Here’s hoping they materialise………

There followed a question and answer session which ranged from the A64 to the potential potash mine, and all points in between.

Richard Grunwell proposed a vote of thanks to Jim Dillon for the giving of his time to speak to us, and the evening finished with the usual toast to RTBI. Home for a (relatively) late Horlicks…..

Gordon Hayes


Mick supervises the pepper rationing


Pasta parcel


I think one of them is enjoying himself


Steve thinks it’s a speed eating competition


It wasn’t done like this in my day


I don’t recognise that 41 Clubber to my left. Time he bought a round, though.



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