Walking Rugby – CANCELLED

Sports Officer Darren has arranged for any 41 Club member who would like to have a go at walking rugby to join the FARTS Meeting on Monday 4 February. Members wishing to attend should let Malcolm Smith know via email at mbs@norwav.com

Our next meeting is our first attempt at walking rugby, the rules of which are:

  • No running with or without the ball
  • Ball must be passed backwards
  • Ball must touch knee to start, restart game,
  • No overhead passing
  • Tackle is two handed touch, repeat touch’ to upper body.

Tom Gillon who runs the games at the rugby club is organising the night and will be on hand to explain everything and ref the game. To make the evening viable we need at least 10 players.

Tom has booked the First Scarborough Scout Group HQ on Maple Drive near Northstead Primary School. We meet at 6pm and have the facility until 7.30pm. After the game we adjourn to the rugby club for food and drinks.

Please let me know ASAP if you want to play and definitely no later than Friday 25th January.

I am assured by Tom it is a good laugh and not too strenuous and suggests those playing bring shorts, tee-shirt and trainers.

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