41 Club Connects – added to Upcoming Events

Dear Scarborough 41 Club Member,

I hope this finds you well as we emerge from the depths of a locked-down winter.

41 Club Connects national events are now coming thick and fast, thanks to Don Mullane and the Connects team.

Rather than keep updating you with posts here which mostly repeat the same information, all 41 Club Connects and other 41 Club national events (online or actual) will now be posted to the Scarborough 41 Club Calendar/Diary, starting with tonight’s event.

So you can now see what’s in store for you on the home page of our website (right hand side column, as before) or in the Calendar.

In order to join a published Zoom meeting, please see the link in your personal email from National lurking in your inbox or go to 41 Club Connects.

Let’s hope we see some of our own Scarborough 41 Club events in the Diary before too long!

Yours as ever


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