41 Club National: January 2021 Newsletter

This was also sent by email to all members with email addresses in CAS2 who are listed as happy to receive emails. If you haven’t had your copy and you would like to have emailed copies, please contact our Club Secretary, Mike.

Dear Member,

Please find attached a copy of the January Newsletter.

As mentioned therein, we would like to have the month and year of birth of all members listed in CAS2, as it would give us a better profile of our membership, so if you are agreeable to this please inform your Club Contact so that they might update your club’s CAS2 entry with this information. 

I hope those of you who have opted to receive hard copies of the 41 Club Magazine have received your copy which was accompanied by a Members’ Handbook? If you haven’t received it due to the vagaries of the post (and I myself am in this category!) you can access the Winter Magazine in flip book format at https://41clubconnects.co.uk/winter-magazine 

And you can access a pdf of the Members’ Handbook at https://www.41club.org/files/2020-12-53/2020-Members-Handbook1609179991.pdf 

If you like the flip book format of the 41 Club Magazine on-line and would be happy to receive it in this electronic format only going forwards, rather than a hard copy, please let me know and I will stop your paper copy. This will not only save the Association printing and postage costs but is helpful to the environment too. You can easily restart the paper copies at a later date by informing me and I shall reactivate for you to receive copies by post. This has the potential to save the Association money which could then be spent on membership initiatives and other projects as you are aware that postal costs are continuously increasing more than the rate of inflation. To be absolutely clear, we recognise the value of a printed magazine for many of our membership and intend to continue with this – this initiative is aimed at being cost-effective and environmentally friendly for our membership as a whole.

Keep safe

Yours in continued friendship

Don Mullane
National Comms & I.T. Officer
The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club)

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