88’s Walking Weekend to the Lakes – date unknown

Many thanks to Stephen Slade for these photographs and memories. If anyone has more photos of this event or can remember the dates, please let me know.

This is one of the largest groups we ever took on a walking trip. I think the photo – probably taken by John (JQE) Edwards – shows the whole group which split into three separate parties for the different routes of the day. This was due to the inclement weather and there being quite a bit of snow about, plus I’d planned for some of us to do the famous scramble up Jake’s (or Jack’s) Rake on Pavey Ark, up from the Langdale valley.

L-R, standing: David Ascough, Ian Costello, Andy Moran, Tom Cathcart, Stephen Slade, Ian Brabbs, Stuart Baines, David Henderson, Mike Whiteley, Brian Connolly (see comments below), David Morgan, John White, John Smith (TC’s pal), Richard Grunwell, Mike Hurst.
L-R, kneeling: Simon Ward, Andy Atkins, Graham Foulds
Thank you for the comments (below) on the names of some of the group which I could not recall.

Photo taken in the car park at the pub in Dockray, probably.

At the foot of Jake’s Rake, which can be seen angling upwards behind us.

This shot was taken because Peter Calow had lent me his ice axe for the weekend. He admitted when loaning it that he had never used it in combat, so to speak. This photo was for him to see his axe getting some snow activity (not much!).

This could well be the summit of Bowfell, a summit we walked around to from Pavey Ark via Angle Tarn. John Edwards to the right. Not sure of the other two profiles, although it could be Andy Moran or Dave Morgan on the far left. Why I look like a demented chipmunk I cannot say. It might have been the previous night’s curry in Keswick. Someone might tell me if this was the curry where we ordered 100 poppadums.

The group descended from Bowfell into the Langdale valley. I can remember teaching the guys to do a sitting glissade down the snow off Bowfell, which is a lot easier than walking down and great fun. However, I may have forgotten to tell them that an ice axe is an indispensable aid for steering and braking.

This photo is not part of the same climb described above. Without a doubt it is on the way up to Sharp Edge on Blencathra (Saddleback) which is another nice, short scramble (up the ridge behind) on a beautiful mountain. If memory serves, this climb was undertaken on the Sunday, before returning home.
L-R Andy Moran, Ian Rhodes, Stuart Baines, Graham Foulds, David Henderson, Stephen Slade. Photographer unknown but could have been JQE or David Morgan.

At the icy Scales Tarn below Sharp Edge.

Above shows four and a half members of the group on Blencathra.

Two great climbs and a great weekend.

David H

ps this BMC video should bring back some memories of the Rake:

pps Here’s the full route to bring back more memories.

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  1. Richard Coulson says

    Re the photo of the walking group in the Lakes in your latest email, I would agree that it is John Smith (friend of TC) in the picture and I think that the other unidentified person on the extreme right of the picture is Mike Hurst. Sadly, Mike died around 15 years ago.

    Hope this helps!

    • Technical Manager says

      Thank you, Richard. I have had the same comment from Richard G this evening by Zoom. I will amend the record. Very sorry to hear about Mike.

  2. Richard Coulson says

    Another thought about the guy next to you, on your right. Could it be Brian Connolly? He was not a Tabler or a walker, as far as I know, but he looks remarkably like him!

    • Technical Manager says

      Yes, Richard, you are right. It is Brian. I think he was there as a guest of John White. To be confirmed! Thank you again.

  3. Simon WARD says

    The guy on the right is Mike Hurst. Dont know who the other guy is. This is the weekend that I took the ‘Middle’ group from patterdale, up to High Raise, then along the ridge to High Street, and then along to Ill Bell and down into Troutbeck. Several members suffered somewhat from the conditions (heavy snow ) and ended coming down from Ill Bell backwards! what year was it? From the style of my rucksack, it may have been the late 1980’s?

    • Technical Manager says

      Thank you Simon. You’re right about Mike Hurst. Please see the comments below. It was definitely in the 90s – maybe 1993/4/5? You hung on to your rucksack a good while and it gave you value for money, obviously!