December 2016 meeting report: Thai Smile

A good night was had by all at the THAI SMILE on Eastborough in Scarborough.

We had the restaurant to ourselves and the evening started with nibbles and dips being provided, much to the excitement of Mike Shingler who advised that he had not had a nibble for sometime.

Chairman Gordon opened the evening with a delightful new tune on the Club’s xylophone, he had apparently been taking lessons from the music teacher at Graham School to perfect the tune. And they say that doctors are busy and over stretched!!

There was a starter and main course which were well received by the members. The attendance by members was disappointingly down on that expected with over 10 non-apologies which probably explained the reason why the quantities of food served up by the very helpful Thai staff were excessive and we ended the main course with enough food left over to feed another party of guests. Good luck to those people who visited the next night.

Nigel Sheppard had organised the event and, after our food, he conducted the traditional Christmas quiz, which was won by the members on the table where Nigel was sitting. They were adamant that they had received no guidance but only they know the truth.

Whilst the Thai waitress was clearing our table she quietly mentioned that they have a Thai massage room next door, perhaps scope for another 41 Club night?

Merry Christmas to all.

Stephen Slade

A no tie smile: Quiz Winner – Iain Johnston

Buddha look-alike competition entrant strikes pose

Buddha look-alike competition winner – Simon “Zen” Lockley

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  1. What a great report