May 2014 41 Club National Newsletter

This e-mail is being sent to all members with their e-mail address on CAS.

The May Newsletter is now available for viewing on the internet or downloading.

For those of you with fast internet and who would like to download a copy please use the following link:


For those that would prefer to read it online and not have to wait for a download, then please click here:


If you are using and older PC or one with an older graphics card then you may experience problems using the ISSUU site to view the Newsletter, if this is your experience we suggest you download the PDF into your web browser and view it that way. Should you encounter problems with downloading and viewing the PDF we suggest you update the ‘Acrobat Reader’ on your PC by using this link

We would also ask Club Contacts to download the file and distribute on to their members whose e-mail addresses are not on CAS.

May we remind you the importance of keeping e-mail addresses up to date.

Yours in Continued Friendship

Ray Hill

National Communications Officer

Note: as discussed at the February 2020 meeting, if you would like to receive email updates directly to your inbox for all articles as soon as they appear on the Scarborough 41 Club website, please subscribe to the site. The subscription box is on the upper right of every page, just below the Search. Techy hint: check your spam inbox if you don’t see the subscription email immediately.