Meeting report: archery evening

On the Seamer Greensward…

Our thanks to Chairman, David, for arranging for 17 intrepid 41 Club members to be hosted by Scarborough Archers at Seamer Sports ground on Thursday 25 September 2014.

Several members of the Archers explained and demonstrated to us the rudiments of archery, so that our ensuing efforts did not result in any mortal injuries, nor even the loss of any fingers. We had a very enjoyable evening. Most of us managed to hit the targets; some of us even managed a bullseye and John Priestley succeeded in bursting a couple of balloons. Richard Frank shot well with a longbow which defeated most of us.

As darkness fell our band of merry men decamped to ye olde Seamer Social Club for some ale and then dined on an excellent fish and chip supper at Walkers Restaurant in East Ayton. After the meal we were entertained by Roger Greaves of Scarborough Archers who regaled us with the history of archery and of the Scarborough club. Chairman David, himself a member of Scarborough Archers, gave the vote of thanks.

Davidthen convened a brief informal meeting to announce that Ed Nelsey had left Scarborough, following the death of his wife, to live in Dorset near his sons. David had sent a suitable letter of good wishes to Ed on behalf of the Club.

Simon Ward gave the details of the next 2 meetings.


Peter Harriott

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