Message from the National President: Vaccination Volunteers

Dear  Member,

Chris Allen, the Secretary of North Walsham & District, in Region 17 (Norfolk) has written to me as follows:

“I am a steward volunteer for the vaccination centres, locally and I suspect several 41 members across the UK are doing the same.

The purpose of this email is to request National 41 put out an appeal to all clubs and members to consider, for members to consider registering to become a Steward Volunteer, using this link: 

They are ‘desperate’ for volunteers, every day there are dozens and dozens of requests in my area and across the country which remain unfilled and then have to be carried out by trained medical staff, losing them from where they are needed most. The task is not onerous, usually around a 4 to 6 hour shift, a volunteer could greet those coming for a vaccination or show them where to go, wait etc, with some sanitising required, masks and disposable gloves are provided together with a volunteer tabard. This really is vital work, so I do hope our national organization will consider this and send an appeal to all clubs.” 

Well, I agree with Chris – three members of my own Club have been volunteering; as well as many more members (and their partners) in Clubs throughout Great Britain and Ireland, including members of the National Board and National Council. The need for volunteers is increasing rather than diminishing so now is indeed a great time to point out to all our members how they can volunteer; hence this email to each of our members.


Peter Good
National PresidentAssociation of Ex-Round Tablers Clubs [“41 Club”]

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