Presidents initiative: Prostate Cancer Research a good cause !

prostate cancerMessage from Mike Shingler : I believe we should post this up on the web site and I personally would be prepared to grow a moustache, in view of the fact that I have recently been diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer myself.

If we miss the 1St of November (I have only just received this email from David Smith) then I propose that we should start at say our next meeting on 15th Nov and go on until 15th Dec. After all its for what I consider to be a very good cause.

Mike Shingler

Dear Mike Shingler

As part of my efforts to raise funds for my Presidential Charity, PROSTATE CANCER UK, and to raise awareness of the illness among 41ers I intend to take part in the MOVEMBER campaign next month by growing a moustache. I’ve never had one and shudder to think what I’ll look like but some things have to be done! I’m hoping that several members may join my “team” and do likewise.

To donate or join the Team please visit and follow the links.

A pound from every 41er would generate over £17,500; £10 would raise £175,000!!

As an incentive I’m delighted to offer two cases of wine:

  • one for the member who raises most funds for the Team; and
  • one for the Team member who grows the best moustache – just submit two dated photos of your face – one dated 31 October 2012, the other 30 November 2012. Usual rules apply!!

Looking forward to seeing your name on the web page!

Yours in Continued Friendship

David Smith

National President

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