Sad News: Eddie Gregory RIP

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that my great friend and stalwart of Scarborough Round Table, Eddie Gregory, passed away on Thursday evening.

I am sure that we all have wonderful memories of Eddie. When something needed doing for Round Table, Eddie was always to the fore, particularly if it needed his ingenuity as an engineer. I remember him waging a one-man war to protect the Round Table wishing well in Peasholm Park with all sorts of complex metal contraptions.

He would always be very welcoming to new members and made sure that they were fully involved in the club. Socially he was the glue that held together many of our gatherings.

I am sure that you will join me in sending Ros, Sarah and Stuart our commiserations and I know that our thoughts will be with them at this difficult time.

Nigel Sheppard

Eddie was Chairman of Scarborough 41 Club in the 2000/1 year.

Eddie was a great friend during all my time in Table and afterwards. Whether it was organising Rallies, putting on cabarets (including stripping down to his undies), Eddie was always there and always ready to play his part and do his bit. And of course, whenever our ladies were called upon, with the lovely Ros by his side.

I don’t remember him being ruffled by anything, and he took part in so many of our activities with great humour and joyfulness. He will be much missed by all who knew him.

David H

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  1. Simon ward says

    What sad news indeed. Ironically, only yesterday I was transferring an old vhs tape onto my computer which featured Eddie ( and Ros) at the 1989 area rally where we did the Levi jeans in the laundrette sketch and my chairman’s night in March 1990, where Ed featured as a particularly rare ‘ constant talking’ bird and dining a verse solo in the chairman’s review. A great tabler and heart and sole of any gathering, he will be sorely missed.