September 2016 meeting report

An Evening with Robin Hood and his Motley Men or Forty-Oners get their Chips !

A guest archer shows how it is done.

A guest archer shows how it is done.

The September evening took the form of a taste of Archery with Scarborough Archery based at Osgodby, with a good number of 41 club members taking the opportunity to squeeze into their Lincoln Green tights and mince around a field at Osgodby giving rise to shocked looks from the locals. After endangering more than one life with excitable firing Simon Lockley took first place for maximum points achieved without killing any person or animal. Our esteemed Secretary who had won the 2015 event left early in disgust to comfort himself with a plate of fish & chips.

Following the archery experience the 41clubers met at Walkers Fish Restaurant for a fish supper up to the excellent standard you can always expect at Walkers.

Following the meal Avis Turner director of Basics Plus gave members an overview of the good works of the Basics Plus charity in enabling those with learning difficulties to gain supported experience of work and make the most of their potential. Chairman Gordon reminded members present that Basics Plus was Scarborough 41 Club’s chosen charity for 2016 and that the Club’s November meeting would take the form of a fun Casino evening to take place at the Crown Spa Hotel aiming to raise money for the charity. Members’ attendance at the event would be covered by their monthly direct debit.

The business element of the evening took the form of the induction of Charles Hindle as a welcome new member of the Club.


Charlie being inducted by Gordon into the finer elements of the Club standing order mandate

Stuart Baines
Newsletter Editor and Reporter

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