2015 Round Table Sleigh fund-raising

To all Santas, Elves and Rudolfs:

It has been a good effort this year, especially in view of Table numbers.

As for the bucket money which I’ve been taking to the casino each day ( don’t bother making the obvious remark), it was going very well up until Wednesday when I was told the coin machine had broken ( no doubt our buckets with the odd foreign coin and button in didn’t help!). Anyway it’s fixed again today, so I should get the figures out next week for Ben to issue.


Talking of Ben. Just to put the record straight. As Rudolf he sits in the dry in a heated car, while Santa freezes on the sleigh and the Elves run themselves into the ground! Indeed he admitted to me when we had finished Newby and Barrowcliff that he had the temperature set at 23c as he had to have the windows open to listen to Santa! QED.

Seriously though, please pass on my thanks to all the elves, both male and female, young and old, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Merry Christmas to you all and don’t forget, assuming you’ve been good, I’ll be back on Christmas Eve, so don’t wait up.

Table President Santa Mike

Update 16 December 2015

The total sum raised this year was £3,198.25. This was a record sum for the collection and included record takings on one evening of almost £500 around Peasholm. Well done again to everyone.

The photograph above is from the Falsgrave round, below they are from Barrowcliff.

santa_2015_1 santa_2015_2 santa_2015_3 santa_2015_4 santa_2015_5

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