41 Club National November 2020 Newsletter

Dear Member,
Date: 17/11/2020
Please find attached the 41 Club Newsletter for November.

Ashby 41 Club features heavily because they send in articles – if you want your club to feature too, please meet me half way and send in some stories.

41 International are looking to find the oldest 41-ers in the world. National doesn’t keep records of members’ dates of birth so I need you to tell me if you have any centenarian members in your club (aside from Jimmy Gordon, of Ringwood & District 41 Club, and Michael Prince, of Bournemouth 41 Club, who both featured in our July Newsletter for passing this milestone!).

Also, members have been asking where they can order 41 Club Gin? You can find it on-line at https://www.45ginschool.com/shop/p/41-club and there’s an article in the Newsletter about it. 

Club Contacts please note that this is being sent to all members by email.

Any members whose preferred method of contact is not ’email’ or do not have a valid email address registered in CAS will not receive this, so we leave it to you to inform them. It will also be downloadable from the 41 Club national website. 

Yours in Continued Friendship
Don Mullane
National Communications and IT Officer
The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club)

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