88’s AGM 1972

Many thanks to Geoff Winn for this photograph of his Chairman’s year’s AGM.

Left to right
Back row: John Wray, Mike Gridley, Paul Collins, Malcolm Gee, Malcolm Swift
Third row: Richard Gretton, David Milnes, David Rhodes, Freddie Drabble, Dennis Hart, Ted Bunting, John Wesley (slightly further back), Andrew Boyes, Brian Heaps, Denis Chapman, Barry Hill, David Jeffels
Second row: Martin Summers, Mike Holliday, John Pilgrim, John Mitchell, Peter Emms, Gordon Truefitt, Barry Hodgson, John Priestley, Tony Squire, Barry Newton, Martin Johnson, Peter Cooper
Front row: Maurice Finnegan, Peter Berry, Jerry Harrow, Frank Winn (President), Geoff Winn (Chairman), Franklyn Garvey, Jeremy Woodcock (Vice Chairman), Graham Simpson, Tony Boothroyd, Geoff Hill

Many thanks to Geoff also for the list of all members present.

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