Can you help Marie Curie to fundraise?

A message from Marie Curie via Round Table:


As you may already know Marie Curie Nursing in the local area relies heavily on local fundraising and as part of our biggest fundraising appeal – The Great Daffodil Appeal I am in need of some support and wondered whether the round table might take on some dates or help out in providing some volunteers to collect. We will be able to provide all volunteers with tabards, hats, tins and trays of daffodil pin badges to hand out. The link to all the dates in Scarborough is here and I have also listed those I need the most help with below…. Any questions please give me a ring or ask anyone interested to get in touch.

  • Tesco – 27th February
  • Sainsburys – 27th and 28th February
  • Morrisons – 27th and 28th February
  • Boyes – 27th, 28th Feb and 1st March
  • Street Collection – 7th March
  • Poundworld – 14th and 15th March
  • Dean’s Garden Centre – 3rd and 4th April

As mentioned I have been working for Marie Curie for over 4 years now but am new to the Scarborough area so I am keen to find out more and meet everyone locally, I would be delighted to come and speak to the round table about the work of our local Marie Curie Nurses and also to speak to you about my plans and if you’ll allow me to pick your brains on the local area that would be a huge help.

Our Marie Curie Nurses in Scarborough provide a high quality and free nursing service to allow people with a terminal illness the choice to die at home. Our nurses work in the evening and every night our nurses are in homes from 10pm in the Scarborough area ensuring their patients are comfortable and where they want to be in the last few days or weeks of their life.

Thank you for considering this request and I look forward to meeting everybody some time soon.


If you can help, please contact Alex Jowett who is co-ordinating the support with Table.

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