Christmas Sleigh takings 2019

Dear All

Please find below, the total for the fortnight. Although Crossgates and Victoria Rd were originally cancelled due to the bad weather, we ran them again earlier this week. Ending up with a very wet Santa and Elves on Victoria Rd.

As you know, if all goes well, we should have the sleigh on a safe chassis next year so the Elves can once again ride with Santa.

Plus, due to housing developments over the past 34 years since the sleigh has run we will be revising some of the routes during the summer.

Well done everybody.

Merry Christmas.

Eastfield                £298
Ayton                     £421
Gladstone Rd       £386
Woodlands          £204
Falsgrave              £309
Peasholm           £521
Newlands             £451
Newby                  £352
Crossgates            £150
Victoria Rd           £143

Total                      £3,235     

Mike Shingler
Secretary and occasional Santa impersonator

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