Message from Santa regarding our Sleigh efforts

These are the takings for the 10 nights of working with the Round Table Sleigh:

Eastfield £257
Crossgates £242
Woodlands £273
Gladstone Rd £369
Peasholm £419
Falsgrave £312
Ayton £336
Newlands £382
Victoria Rd £246
Newby £367
Sub Total £3203

I have also received £20 from the Heyburn Wyke pub for the use of the Santa outfit on Christmas Eve.

Plus the donation from Boyes Stores, which last year was £250.

Not bad chaps.

So let’s put it to good use.



ps – a message from Round Table

We need to find a new home for the sleigh for the time we don’t use it.

It needs to be somewhere undercover and does not need to be accessible at all for 11 months of the year so could quite happily sit in a barn/garage/warehouse in a corner etc. out of the way.

Please can you all reach out to people you know who may be able to help us and help me find a home for it please.

If we can’t find a dry home, it will simply rot away…..

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