Message from the National President, February 2015


Everyone knows that Communication is key to so many things in life and in 41 Club that is absolutely true. For some years now we have been looking at all our mediums of communication and there is no doubt that some of it has been looking very tired. The old site has served us well for 12 years but it was built on ancient technology, is not user friendly and difficult to keep up to date. Well no more as we now have our brand new all singing, all dancing web site which will be the lynch pin for our future communications.


There are so many facets to the site but one thing we have tried to do is to make it not only look good but act good. There is opportunity for interaction between members, opportunity for clubs to put something on the National web site in News and Events, there are links to all the other sites of the Round Table family both at home and internationally and much, much more.

We will also be using it as a membership tool to communicate with not only our existing members but also those who used to be in Round Table but for some reason have never joined 41 club.

One other key feature we are delighted to introduce is club pages so every club can have their own web site which you can populate as you want. If you already have a web site and don’t want to change it just create a link to your own site. We would hope though that in terms of branding you will gradually move over to the new framework. Details on how to do this will follow soon.

This site is for you the members of this wonderful organisation and we want you to help us keep it up to date. We want you to put on some news of some of the great events you do, some of the activities you or your members are involved in. Post some pictures but just remember we want to keep this active so let’s have pictures of the fun things you do (not too many pictures of men in gongs sitting round a dinner table please). If you have fun event video’s we can post them onto our new YouTube account so we can all share in the fun times you have.

Simon Thomas of Toucan, who is a member of 41 club, and his team have been working hard with us to create this new site for you and I must also thank Martin Green our Immediate Past President who has been the interface with Simon and his team to pull all this together.

Over the next few weeks and months we will publish details of how you can do all these things and set up your own club web page. All we need you to do now is to have a look and create a log in as a member so you can view the whole site. You just need to click on the link below to take you straight to the new site. We hope you like it and will put it in your favourites on your web browser so you can keep on having a look for regular updates and information about our great club.

Best Wishes

Jim Smith

National President 2014-15

PS. If you have a Social Media account make sure you like or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In which you can access from the site

Now go to the new Website and have a look!

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