National Vacancy: National Councillor for Region 6

Andy Waite will be coming to the end of his second term as your National Councillor at the 2016 AGM in Birmingham.  He has worked diligently and consistently on behalf of your region and the National Council wishes to thank him for his hard work and endeavours.

The National Council is keen to seek a new National Councillor in order that the Region can continue to be properly covered and supported.

I am therefore calling for Nominations for a new Councillor to take Andy’s place as soon as possible.

You may nominate a full member of your Club or another Club in the Region but the capitation fee for the Club must not be in arrears.  Nominations on the enclosed form must reach me by 16 December 2015.

It may be helpful to mention that a National Councillor has two main areas of activity.  Firstly he is the key contact between all the Clubs in the Region.  Through visits and other means he takes the views of Clubs to National Council, responds to any help Clubs may need and explains what the Association is doing.  Secondly he attends four Council Meetings per year so that he can report on events in the Region and participate in general discussion and decision making.  The term is three years. A second two year term is currently permitted under the Rules and there is limited help with expenses.

The National Councillor is a key role where the candidate must be enthusiastic, have a sense of duty, carry out the role with pride, have a strong desire to ensure a successful future of the Association, and above all to carry out the role with responsibility, dedication, acceptable humour and respect for his fellow Councillors and Officers.

Should you be interested in this post please contact Andy Waite for a discussion on the role in Region 6 which we hope may be of assistance to any prospective nominee.

Yours in Continued Friendship
Manny Martins
National Secretary

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