Report: Scarborough Round Table host a successful 80th Charter celebration

Chairman Richard takes a well-earned snooze - during the Gala Dinner

Chairman Richard takes a well-earned snooze – during the Gala Dinner

I must congratulate Scarborough Round Table on a highly successful 80th Charter celebration.

Although numbers were down, everything went well and the atmosphere was great. As you can imagine, our Dutch visitors threw themselves into the celebrations with enthusiasm.

Our 41 Club guests arrived on Thursday evening, flying from Dusseldorf to Leeds; meaning they had less of a rush when returning on Sunday; one Tabler arrived by car on the Saturday but the rest flew into Leeds on Friday morning and were taken via York marina, Sam Smith’s brewery and various hostelries to arrive at the appointed welcome point, the Downe Arms. Thanks to all those who provided the transport from and to the airport.

On Friday evening, we were joined by Tablers’ families at Betton Farm for a Hog Roast and music; an early start to the evening was designed to allow for a good rest before the morrow. Some took advantage of that!

We were not sure what to expect for Beach Games, the following morning but, whilst some played badminton, others appreciated the opportunity to visit the MAP site for more boystrous fun with zombies and paint-balling, thanks to new Tabler David Hooper (inducted on the Saturday evening). Lunch followed; fish & chips at the Blue Crush. And so to Scarborough Castle for an entertaining, interactive history lesson from our guide, Eliott; a man who clearly enjoys his job and brought the Castle to life!

All appreciated the free time in the late afternoon in the excellent weather to prepare for the main event of the weekend.

Richard & Daphne at the Crown Spa put on a great event for us; thanks to them.

Superbly choreographed by MC Chris Redford the evening ran smoothly with good food and service, the room attractively decorated and Magic Mike doing his table magic followed by a disco.

Good speeches from Terry Cooper, 41 Club National President, the two Table Chairmen Ben and Rogier, and a Shingler Special as he slurred his monologue.Presents were exchanged: fine clogs from Aalten Club and an 88 deckchair from Scarborough. The traditional cabarets were enjoyed by the assembled company and several Scarborough Tablers’ wives were heard to comment that Dutch Tablers dance!

The more prudent guests retired in good time, but the Master of Ceremonies took his duties seriously and left the Casino at dawn.

Breakfast at the Crown Spa was followed by words of farewell and appreciation of a good weekend and promises to reconvene in Aalten in 2½ years time.

Scarborough 41 Club special guests were (on the Friday evening and Sunday breakfast) Mick Thorpe and Tom Pindar (Saturday evening) with, of course, their good ladies Sheila and Margery. Mick and Tom were two of the original party that went to Holland and began twinning with Aalten all those years ago.

Thank you, Ben, and all your members for all your efforts.

Richard Grunwell
Chairman, Scarborough 41 Club

ps We’ll have more pictures and videos here on the site soon – Ed

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