Scarborough 41 Club Charity Night: Notice – Friday, 29 November 2019

Good afternoon friends.

The club has made a booking with the Scarborough Rugby Club for Friday 29 November and we are planning on having a Charity night to raise funds for the YMCA, for which I am the honorary treasurer. The format will be a meal with fun and entertainment and, of course, a little dancing.

As you will all be aware, we have raised funds from similar Charity events over the last few years including for Basics Plus, Scarborough Disabled Swimming Club and the Samaritans and each year we have managed to raise between £1,500 to £2,000.

If we can have fun and raise something for the YMCA then it will be a success and I am hoping that you may be free on that night and bring along your wife, partner (or both!) and friends.

I am hoping that you will support the event as without bums on seats then it will not succeed. If the bookings come in early, then I can relax a little more.

Further details will be provided at a later date but please let me know directly and put the date in your dairies.

Hoping to see you all on Friday 29 November.

Stephen Slade (Chairman)

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