Table victorious in Quoits challenge

Thanks to 41 Club and FARTs members for coming along and making a great night of it with Table on Tuesday, 5 August 2014 at Beck Hole near Goathland.
It’s a great setting and the three local quoits lads who helped us were superb, too, I thought.
Excellent beer, pies and sarnies at the pub with a bottle of Scotch for the winning Table pair rounded off an excellent evening.
I have had a warm thank you from Table Chairman, Daren, who has suggested it should be an annual challenge. Sounds good to me. Mike Whiteley, Secretary of FARTs agrees.
Clearly Table’s arriving late tactic (pretending they had had pick up problems) paid off since, with too much beer and fading light/eyesight, us old gits who had arrived promptly didn’t stand a chance in the latter stages.
Victor Ludorum Gold Trophy: Table
Victor Comic Book for Boys plastic Silver medal: 41 Club
Victor Sylvester School of Dancing bronze imitation tutu replica: Fellowship after Round Table
Quoits in action (?) whilst the local ladies come to watch

Quoits in action (?) whilst the local ladies come to watch

Image courtesy Stephen Slade

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