Visitor to Scarborough from RT India, 1989

Many thanks to Tom Cathcart for keeping this snippet which looks like it came from the Scarborough Evening News, via a copy of Roundabout. I have taken a guess that this was in 1989, the summer of Simon and Phil’s year as Chairman of 88 and 1188 respectively, but if they or anyone else can provide any additional information, that would be great,

Extracted text:

A Scarborough man welcomed one of the world’s top Round Table figures to his home. Mr John Barton, who retired to Scarborough four years ago, was the founder of the Round Table in India in 1957.

And the past president of India’s now-flourishing Round Table organisation, Mr R. Chander Shekhar, decided to visit Mr Barton during an overseas tour.

Mr Shekhar, who is now vice-president of the World Council of Young Men’s Service Clubs, enjoyed entertainment organised by Scarborough’s two Round Table group chairman, Mr Simon Ward and Dr Phil Rigg, during his stay.

Mr Barton, of The Glade, Scarborough worked for a printing ink manufacturer in Madras in the 1950s and founded the first Indian Round Table in that town in 1957.

There are now 100 Round Table groups in India, which raise huge sums for charity every year, and often donate money to Mother Theresa’s work in the country.

The visitor and his wife, Val, enjoyed a three-day visit to Scarborough, and have now set out from London on extensive travels to many countries, including Canada, Iceland and Singapore, before returning to Delhi, where Mr Shekhar is a prominent businessman.

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