Welcome Back

euro 8s meetingDuring the long summer recess when 41 Club goes into hibernation, although some of us carried on working, an increasing number of 41 Clubbers now enjoy the all year round life of stress free relaxation having retired from their day to day working commitments.

During May, I attended Richard Frank’s stag weekend (Canal boat trip near Keighley) and subsequent wedding and wish Richard and Daphne a long and happy marriage. Although this photo of Richard late at night on a street corner looking for any kind of gay boy action, shows that Daphne has her work cut out.

Going my way. sailor?

In June, Scarborough Round Table hosted the European 8’s weekend for the first time in many years and I know a number of you attended the Saturday night party at Beiderbecke’s and we all had a great time.

I am sure that we will have another enjoyable 41 Club year under Richard Frank’s second year as Chairman (wish he would let someone else have a go) and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Stephen Slade

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