April 2019 Meeting – AGM

The 41 Club AGM will be held this year on THURSDAY 25th APRIL at the Crescent Hotel the Crescent Scarborough.


We meet in the bar from 6pm for liquid refreshment and then the AGM  starts at 6.30pm PROMPTLY. 
DRESS informal
PHOTOSHOOT– this is at 7.50pm (please attend without undone flies!)

At 8.pm we sit down to a splendid 3 course meal all washed down with fine ale or slimline tonic for the drivers as the case may be. 

The Catering team namely Tom Cathcart and John White invite members to submit comments at the AGM, anonymously, if you want as to (a) what the team got right (b) what we got wrong this year and (c) what we can improve on in year 2019/20. Feedback is VERYimportant.  


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