Better Off Dead – September Meeting (Change of date and play)


An opportunity to see the Alan Aykebourn’s new play Better Off Dead at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
Alan Ayckbourn’s latest play is a comedy of confusion about an grumpy old man who might not be so grumpy after all.

An opportunity to see Alan Ayckbourn’s latest play ‘Better off Dead’

‘Larger than life and highly irascible author Algy Waterbridge is hard at work on his 33rd crime novel featuring blunt Yorkshire cop DCI Tommy Middlebrass. But it’s been a while since Tommy was on the TV, Algy’s wife is getting frighteningly forgetful and his adoring PA sometimes oversteps the mark. With constant interruptions, it’s almost the last straw when old acquaintance Gus Crewe turns up to interview him for the press with alarming consequences.

But as Algy’s fictional character takes him over and real people introduce themselves into the dramatic climax of his novel, the lines become blurred and it might just be that fiction, misunderstandings and mistaken identity are closer to the truth than they seem.

Tom tells me that it is important that you book your own tickets for the performance by ringing the box office on 01723 370541 and mention that you are part of the 41 Club group. The performance starts at 19:30

We meet at George Michaels Greek Restaurant on York Place at 17.30 Wednesday 12th September.
Mushrooms a la Grecque or lamb meatballs though there is veg option of hummus
Mousaka, beef stefado or lamb kleftiko
Cost per head £14.50 to be paid individually, same for wine.

This is an Opt-In meeting, when opting-in using please specify your meal choice for yourself and partner. Please do so by Wednesday 5 September. The opt-in form can be found using this link

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