July BBQ Change of Plan

I am pleased to confirm that we have a good sized albeit motley crew lined up for a Greek styled BBQ feast on 15th July at Fishermans Cottage!
However, there is some BAD NEWS ?
Despite sterling efforts over the last six weeks by our host JQE the trip round Ayton Castle is OFF! JQE has at the last minute been told that there are apparently insurmountable insurance issues surrounding so many people, potentially, making the visit! John’s confirmation that only about three members of 41 Club have even got the wind to do the trip has cut no ice apparently!

There is always good news. If we don’t go round the Castle then NOBODY WILL GET LOST or fall over a protruding medieval shin bone and stub a toe, fatally! Also, we won’t lose half our number to The Forge Valley pub – think about it ! Sending out search parties to find out where the hell everyone is ?? So it’s all for the good, really.

John and Jenny and Jessica and I look forward to seeing you all for a cracking good do at 5pm onwards on Saturday

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