March Meeting Saint Patrick’s Feast

The theme for the evening is Ireland, past and present, and the meal is wholly Irish on purpose. After the meal there will be a short talk on Irish history which, amongst other things will explain the origins of Dublin Coddle and soda bread which we will be having

We meet up at the Yacht Club at 7.30pm. There will be a complimentary pint of Guinness at the bar on arrival but all subsequent drinks must be paid for. We eat approx 8.00pm


We start with ham and split pea soup with Irish soda bread.

We then move on to Dublin Coddle served with Colcannon (mashed spuds with cabbage)

Finally, cold apple pie served with cream

The food will be served from a “help yourself” table next to the kitchen.



Look, forget James Joyce (ed. I never remembered him Tom must have had a better education), the real story typifies mad Irish humour – it’s a song about a typical punch up at a funeral of all places! At Irish wakes it is customary for guests to get blathered and this happened in the song a copy of which will be provided – we will play The Clancy Brothers version of the song and lots of good!!!! Irish music during the evening.

As a concession to us we aren’t being charged for the hire of the Yacht Club but we are expected to lob donations into the RNLI bucket which will be on the bar, in lieu.


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