Mark’s Chinese New Year Greetings

Welcome to February (we’re already through the 1st month- time does pass quicker with age!)
Our next event is a banquet to celebrate the Chinese New Year 16th February-( this is the official date not the day of the banquet!) as usual it follows the 12 year animal cycle and this year it’s the year of the Dog ( Chow Mein anyone?) apparently dogs sound different according to  different languages eg in China they make a sizzling noise!  sorry more non politically correct stuff to follow
The Chinese celebrate the Lunar new year or Spring festival and the message is for families to come together and wish each other peace and prosperity.
The date changes with the lunar calendar and normally falls between 21st Jan and 20th Feb.

There were 3 brothers from China Bu, Chu and Fu who moved to the USA they decided to change their names.
Bu changed his name to Buck
Chu changed his name Chuck
And Fu
Well he decided to go back to China.
So what do you call a Chinese millionaire ‘ Cha Ching’

Hong Kong Dong- a man came to see his GP complaining that his penis was developing a bend in the middle. The GP ran a series of tests and when the man came back for the results the GP asked ‘ Have you been to the Far East recently?’ ‘ Why yes ‘ replied the man ‘ and did you have sex while over there?’ The man looked worried and said ‘ maybe once or twice’ The GP developed a grave expression ‘ That’s what I was afraid of , you have a new condition called Hong Kong Dong’ The man gulped ‘is there a cure?’ ‘We’ll sort of but only by an operation ‘ ‘What kind of operation?’ Well we have to cut off your penis
‘Wow I think I need a second opinion ‘ so he was referred to a Urologist who heard the same story examined the man ran some more tests and he got the same diagnosis and opinion. Gulp!
In desperation he went to see a Dr in Scalby for a final opinion he confirmed that it was in fact ‘Hong Kong Dong’ and said ‘ I’m sorry it’s incurable ‘So I’m going to have to get that operation then’ said the man.
At which the jovial Scalby Dr broke into laughter ‘What’s so funny Dr?’ ‘ You mean I don’t have to have surgery?’
‘ of course not ….. just wait a couple of weeks and it will fall off by itself!’

May the bonds of our friendship never rust

Yours in 41 club


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