Meeting report: Star Carr Talk

It was disappointing that only 23 members attended an entertaining and informative talk by Don Henson of York University Archaeology department at the Crescent Hotel on 9 October 2014 on the internationally important dig on our doorstep at Star Carr. There is no truth in the rumour that this dig is in Richard Coulson’s garden and that Richard lives on Flixton Island.

After several attempts Simon got his woman although in fact she turned out to be a man since the woman had decided to spite Simon by becoming pregnant and having a baby so that she did not have to attend a 41 club meeting,

We learned a new way of dating events namely years before present or BP (not Brian Pidd). Save that it has something to do with 1950 and carbon dating I am none the wiser and still appear to be the same age although 1066 and the Battle of Hastings date appear to have changed !

As our Chairman said in introducing the speaker he has learned a lot from 41 Club meetings and at the meeting of 9 October I learned from our honorary vet that you can stop cats crapping on your lawn by using lion poo and that you can buy lion poo at Waitrose.

Then a three course meal was provided by the Crescent which, to quote Tom Cathcart was seriously good tucker, and prompts the question why it has been such a long time since 41 Club last used this venue.

The meeting ended with reports from the limited number of officers present. Simon (Lockley not Ward) told a joke about a prospective member which Mick Thorpe found so funny there were some concerns for Mick’s health!

Ian Brabbs

Thanks for providing this report Ian (Ed)




Seriously good tucker

Seriously good tucker







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