November Meeting – Armistice Talk

We meet at the Scarborough Rugby Club 7.30 for 8.00 for what should be a memorable evening.


ARMISTICE DAY is commemorated every year on 11th November to mark the cessation of hostilities between the Allies of The Great War and Germany. It took effect at eleven  o’clock in the morning – ‘the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month ‘ of 1918. The Armistice brought to an end a nightmare piece of warfare between the countries of Europe and beyond.
Our meeting will involve a presentation and talk by our very own David Henderson who is an expert on WW1. If his presentation is anything like the talk he gave a year ago on The Third Battle of Ypres then we are in for an excellent thought provoking evening.
Do please wear a red poppy in your buttonhole at the meeting.


You will be pleased to know that we will be having ‘top of the range’ Rugby Club beefsteak pie with chips and peas at 8 followed (possibly ?) by cheese and biscuits.


PLEASE  apologise if you can’t attend the meeting. You can apologise via the Club website at or via the link on November’s newsletter. Six members didn’t do so for the event last year but paid for the meal anyway, just as five members failed to give apologies for Trafalgar Night. Silly, really gentlemen.

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